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Author: Sherry Foster

Up Front: August – September 2016

It seems appropriate that my swan song as editor of Augusta Magazine comes with the annual arts issue. Though I don’t claim to be an artist of any sort, I feel a spiritual connection to art in all its many expressions and to those who create it, which has enriched my life in Augusta. My tenure as editor has afforded me a unique and wonderful opportunity to get to know many of the outstanding people who make Augusta such a great place to live. In looking back over the past few days I realize that I haven’t really worked for Morris Communications for 20 years but rather for the readers of Augusta Magazine, who have supported me in my effort to edit a publication that reflects the positive aspects of the city—one readers could be proud of. With the assistance of an infinitely talented and creative group of writers, designers and photographers as well as a network of invaluable friends and colleagues, I like to think that goal was achieved much of the time. I could not have done it without all of you. Equally important has been the support of the those of you in the community who have welcomed me into your homes and shared your lives with me. From you I was able to gain the knowledge and creative inspiration necessary to do my job. I...

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Up Front: June/July 2016

If you haven’t been to Augusta University’s health sciences campus lately, you need to make a special trip. It has been transformed! Some buildings have been newly constructed while others have been beautifully renovated and redesigned. As far as you can see there are gleaming buildings and sidewalks and hallways bustling with students. There are even brand new dorms nearing completion, which will provide housing for more than 700 students, just steps away from classrooms, clinics and other medical school facilities. During the past few years, like many Augusta residents, the first thing that came to mind when the subject of the medical school was brought up is the intense controversy surrounding the previous AU president. However, after reading Joe Hotchkiss’s story on page 28 about the schools’s new president, Dr. Brooks Keel, all my thoughts of past dissention have been overshadowed by excitement and optimism thanks to Dr. Keel’s student-centered priorities and his persuasive assertion that “the merged university will present unique opportunities for artists and scientists to collaborate and thrive.” For the first time in five years, the merging of the two schools makes sense to me. And as the new president in charge leads the ongoing transformation, he sees nothing but great potential and opportunity for all concerned. What a difference a year can make. -Sherry This article appears in the June-July 2016 issue of Augusta Magazine....

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Yay – It’s May!

I‘ve always been in awe of gardeners. Their ability to create a beautiful garden is, by my measure, a little bit of magic combined with a whole lot of talent and hard work. First there’s the obvious challenge of choosing the right plants for the light and soil conditions you are working with. And really the work begins even before that with soil preparation, which can involve anything from soil amendment to soil removal and replacement—both of which require a daunting amount of work. And as is often the case with Augusta yards, removing trees, or at least limbing them up, can be another essential step. All this must be done before you ever purchase the first plant. And last but not least, there is the mastery of what I call garden artistry—possessing a talent for choosing and grouping plants in such a way that they not only thrive but also result in a balanced and beautiful landscape. This involves a creative eye and touch that is as much a visual art form as painting and sculpting. And while I’m at a loss to put my finger on exactly what qualities and vision gardeners possess, I do know that gardens are spiritually rewarding to both those who create them and those who spend time in them. If like me you aspire to transform part or all of your yard...

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A New Berckmans Road

When the gates open each year for the annual Masters Tournament, it’s not unusual for the Augusta National Golf Club to unveil new and wondrous additions to their storied acres—some meant to lend comfort and convenience to patrons and guests, others meant to increase the challenge of the golf course. Most Augusta residents, however, only get to experience the famous ever-improving club vicariously—informed by press releases or more likely by the telltale signs of increased construction traffic around the course or an occasional fleeting glimpse through a gate or a minuscule opening in the dense bamboo wall that surrounds the club. But this year things are a little different. For the first time in the 20-plus years I’ve lived and traveled daily past the club, the latest great addition is front and center, visible for all to see and enjoy—the “new” Berckmans Road. I must admit that I, like many of my friends and neighbors, was not thrilled at the prospect of such an extensive road project right in my backyard. I couldn’t imagine what was wrong with the ”old“ Berckmans Road. It had been an acceptable thoroughfare for years, causing me little or no inconvenience at all except during a couple of weeks leading up to the Masters—a time when increased traffic and inconvenience are evident throughout the city not just along Berckmans Road. And it is true...

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Where Should We Go for Dinner?

I am particularly excited about our cover story. Four young entrepreneurs have opened restaurants in the city in the past year. Three of them are home-grown: George Claussen and Brian Brittingham grew up in Augusta. Jeremy Collins grew up across the river in North Augusta. They left home to make their way in the world but have returned to share their expertise with the community by opening exciting new restaurants—DeNovo and Southbound Smokehouse. The third young man, Mike Agostino, grew up in Clemson, a town not too far from Augusta. He and his partners have operated a restaurant named Sole in Clemson for several years. When they decided it was time to open the second Sole, they did their research and determined Augusta to be the perfect place. Not only did they open Sole in downtown Augusta, but Mike and his wife bought a house here, making a personal commitment to the community as well.   Eating out is one of my favorite things to do and I’m thrilled to have new additions to the city’s already impressive list of dining options. But even if you aren’t an avid restaurant-goer, you should be excited to hear that young business people see potential for success in our city and are making investments here. It is an endorsement of Augusta’s vitality and economic promise.  The good news is these are just three...

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