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Author: Monica Dutcher

Mid-Century Eclectic

OUTSIDE IS WHERE IT ALL HAPPENS for Kerry Ezzell. “I play golf when it’s warm and I hunt when it’s cold,” he says. “And do you see that right there?” From his spot on the couch, he points with both hands to the expansive living room windows that open up before him, revealing a clear view of the Augusta Country Club golf course and its woodland surroundings. “That’s why I bought this house—the view. When I walked in and saw that I thought, ‘I can make this house cool.’” As the fourth owner of a spunky, 1958 mid-century modern home...

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Brilliance & Biodiversity

HISTORY SREL WAS FOUNDED IN 1951 BY EUGENE ODUM, a then-associate professor of biology at the University of Georgia who had prepared an ambitious proposal for analyzing the living organisms at SRS. Known as the “father of modern ecology,” Odum set the stage for fellow UGA researchers to enter the site and delve into radioecology, which is the study of the fate and effects of radioactive contaminants in the environment and the use of radioactive tracers to follow ecological processes. After the publication of about 30 scientific papers and quick establishment of an international reputation in radiation research, it was...

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Get Away to Luxury, Links and Relaxation

Kiawah Island Golf Resort It’s fitting that the number one island in North America (as ranked by Conde Naste) is home to one of the finest golf resorts in the nation. In recognition of Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s efforts to preserve and enhance the surrounding wildlife habitat and natural resources, Audubon International has certified all five of the golf courses as cooperative sanctuaries in South Carolina. But the resort is more than a natural wonder. It’s also top notch playing turf. Designed by five legendary architects—Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Gary Player and Clyde Johnston—Kiawah Island Golf...

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Family, Friends & Music

IT’S REFRESHING—a place where Christmas is not a deadline or a contest. Here in River Island, at the Craftsman-style home of Ed Turner and Sheryl Jolly, simplicity is the greatest detail and family is the greatest gift. Both of them are Southern born and bred—cut from the same cloth, as Turner puts it—and share a deep appreciation for traditions that are wrapped in their favorite memories. From the festive feasts and decorations to big gatherings and intimate get-togethers, their personalities and values shine through, radiating a warmth that reminds us of what makes this holiday so special. “We try...

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Setting the Scene

“Come forth into the light of things; let Nature be your teacher.” BRITISH ROMANTIC POET WILLIAM WADSWORTH (1770-1850) was captivated by the mystical and dynamic relationship between the individual and the outdoors, penning such lyrical classics as “Tintern Abbey” and “Lines Written in Early Spring.”   CENTURIES LATER, the bard’s work is still lauded by literati in classrooms the world over. But practically speaking, Wordsworth’s exquisitely expressed sentiment of an alliance between the soul and natural phenomena is in danger of losing relevance in a concrete-silicon jungle teeming with new development, highways, computers and iPhones. The 21st-century lifestyle has bred more “Internet Explorers” than actual explorers, those unafraid...

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