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Author: Mac McCall

The Fight for Augusta

In an era where downtown hosts the Georgia Cyber Center, it may be hard to imagine an Augusta stained by the brutality of a bush war and riven by civil strife. However, like most cities of any significance in the United States, Augusta was once a frontier town on the front lines of a war, replete with all the lawlessness and violence characteristic of such locations. In fact, much of downtown’s geography and nomenclature is directly descended from these violent formative days. Augusta’s experience during the American Revolutionary War is a reminder that, like the rest of America, she...

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Saving The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

Illustration by Kat McCall   To this day, I can vividly recall a scene I witnessed as a child while returning to Augusta from a family vacation on the South Carolina coast. The sun had set, and there was little to light our way other than the moon and stars as my dad drove along the piney Carolina backroads. As we passed through Savannah River Site (SRS), dancing points of red light pierced the darkness surrounding the minivan. These points grew brighter, soon revealing hundreds of fires on the forest floor. It felt like we had stumbled back in...

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