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Author: Lucy Adams

Crafting the Simple Life

SITTING IN A WINGBACK CHAIR TO THE FIREPLACE,  Billy Thurmond says, “You don’t understand until you get there. When it’s time to do it, you feel it.” Beverly Thurmond reclines in the other wingback in front of the built-in bookcases on the opposite side of the fireplace. She nods and says, “You have to get used to living in half the space. That’s not something that happens over night.” Millie, their springer spaniel, flops on the floor between them, her chin on her paws. For Beverly and Billy Thurmond, a family practice physician in North Augusta, whose previous home...

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Two Simple Words. Thanks Coach!

He was born in Alabama,  but after 50 years here he’s as Georgia as Jimmy Carter, peaches and peanuts. People across the state, across the nation and across generations recognize his distinct voice with its gravelly South Alabama accent. The sound of it transports a person to specific times and places in his past. A few words from the lips of Vince Dooley carry enough magic to reunite old friends and memories, point to the lessons of a father or call up a single wondrous Saturday long forgotten. Thousands of parents and grandparents have driven by his home on Milledge Circle and pointed it out to their children...

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Woodland Oasis on the Corner

A COOL SPRING DAY EMERGES from a spate of warm afternoons. Rain intermittently pours and drizzles. It teases with a pause and starts again in earnest. Water droplets slide off of the back porch roof, splattering into the fish pond at the edge of the decking of Crystal and George Eskola’s National Hills home. The rhythmic sound provides a backbeat to birdsong. Goldfish swim amid the anacharis. They’re oblivious to the wet and to the weather. In a small clearing beyond the pond, a variety of birds pecks along the ground where Crystal scattered seed earlier. “I love the nature...

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Restored Treasure

RUNNING PARALLEL TO WALTON WAY, Henry Street, with its wide margins and central landscaped median, partakes of the cooling westerly breezes blowing across Augusta’s sand hills and hosts residences untroubled by the heavy traffic characteristic of Walton Way, Central Avenue, Monte Sano, Milledge Road and other thoroughfares. Streetlights and dogwoods supply picturesque atmosphere in the historic neighborhood included in the 80-block Summerville district listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1980. Henrietta, as Margaret Williams has dubbed her pink prairie-style American foursquare, stands at the top of a lot that rises away from the curb. Two massive pines...

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Columbia County Celebrates 225 Years

IT SEEMS LIKE THE EVANS TOWNE CENTER COMPLEX popped up almost over night. Newcomers quickly discover how indispensable it is to Columbia County. It’s the hub of activity, drawing residents to its amenities. The government offices, the library, the park, the amphitheaters, the performing arts auditorium, the playgrounds and the businesses being established around Evans Towne Center draw a spectrum of users. It sparkles with newness. Progress is an inevitable necessity in the face of the monumental growth of Columbia County over the past decades. And it brings benefits. Grovetown, Evans, Martinez and Harlem are listed among the top places...

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