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Author: Karen Gillespie

Short Takes: April 2017

  Earth Day in Augusta It’s not every day you can come eye-to-eye with an alligator, thrill to falcon flight demonstrations and pick up a myriad of ways to preserve our environment. Earth Day Augusta will be held April 22 at Phinizy Swamp from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This free event features food, family activities, entertainment and a vendor fair.        Potlikker Papers: A Food History of The Modern South Potlikker is the broth left behind after boiling greens. Pre-Civil War Southerners used to serve it to slaves, unaware that it was the most nutritious...

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Short Takes: February/March 2017

FACES Masters Hostess with the Mostest  It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours to master a complicated task, and if anyone has mastered the art of getting a house ready for the tournament, it’s Laurie Easterlin. She’s rented her Skinner Miller Road home for 25 years and is so savvy at the task she published a book called: So You’re Renting Your House for the Tournament. Last spring Easterlin had a sit-down with a number of Masters rental agents, hoping to ferret out some common mistakes Augusta hosts make. The news wasn’t good. According to the agents, a...

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Fitness Tracker Fever

Last year a family member gave me a fitness tracker. It was a not-so-subtle way of reminding me that my former hour-glass figure had recently morphed into the shape of a Duke’s Mayonnaise jar. My fitness tracker is so ugly it looks like it should be sold in the plumbing department of Home Depot as a drain sealer. Also, it’s an affront to someone who prides herself on her ability to accessorize. I don’t have anything that goes with black rubber, thank you very much. Not to mention one of the most popular brands of fitness trackers rhymes with...

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Short Takes: January 2017

FACES Augusta Physician is the Face of Men’s Health Magazine When the average Augusta guy decides to work out, he might pop into the Kroc Center to lift weights or hop a bike for a ride along the canal. When Dr. Jed Ballard works out, he’ll run sprints while pushing a pick-up truck that’s in neutral or toss around a pair of 65-pound sandbags. Maybe he and a buddy will blast through some Chinese Box Push-Ups, or he might walk on his hands for a few hundred feet. By now you’ve probably figured out there’s nothing remotely average about...

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Short Takes: November 2016

FACES Social Dance Tradition in Augusta Still Going Strong If you’ve ever taken Social dance, the memories linger for years: White kid gloves on ladies and the navy jackets on gentlemen, that first stilted shuffle around the ballroom floor to “Moon River” and the blessed, post-class, DQ Blizzard. When it comes to the dance instructors, some will remember Miss Price, others recall Dorothy McLeod. But if you’ve taken Social within the last 25 years, the person who taught you the box step, the waltz and the shag was David McLeod. If you ever happen to drop in on one...

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