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Author: Karen Gillespie

Dinner Is Served

So few consumer goods live up to expectations. The Thigh Master failed to master my thighs; they’re still large and in charge. Drinking Smart Water didn’t make me any better at Jeopardy, and let’s not even discuss the so-called Miracle Breast Enhancement Pills. Thus I’m always dubious when someone says to me, “This product is the best thing since sliced bread.” (Which, incidentally, is a dated phrase. In a world of Apple watches, Alexa and beer guzzling helmets, sliced bread is a bit on the ho-hum side.) But, nevertheless, a few weeks ago, someone sent me an email saying,...

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Short Takes: June/July 2017

  Berry Picking Season There’s nothing quite like wandering a farm under a warm sun, filling a basket with a berries fresh from the vine. Looking for a nearby “you pick ‘em” place? Here are a few options. Gurosick Berry Plantation This North Augusta farm allows you to pick strawberries and hybrid blackberries through July 4.    Blue House Farm Located on Old Blythe Road in Harlem. Pick blueberries, blackberries and muscadines. Bynes Blueberries Blueberry picking in June and July only. Located in Waynesboro.    Sweetwater Creek Farm North Augusta farm that offers blueberry picking.

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Drat! I Can’t Wear Hats

Thoreau said, “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” I, on the other hand, avoid any enterprise that requires a new hat.  Some women look adorable in hats, batting their eyelashes coquettishly under the brim. I look as if I’m balancing either a pizza box or an alien spacecraft on my head.    Sadly, for someone who looks peculiar in hats, I have a severe case of hat lust. In department stores I can’t resist browsing in the hat department. Just last week I spied a woven beauty with a black band. It whispered to me: “Put me...

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Short Takes: May 2017

  Pendleton King Park Plant Sale Stock your garden on May 6 at the Pendleton King Park Plant Sale in the Franke Pavilion at 9 am. You can trade, buy, or sell plants. All participants looking to swap or sell are asked to bring identifying information for their plants as well as light and moisture requirements of the plants. Visit        Peachy Meals to Your Door Potlikker is the broth left behind after boiling greens. Pre-Civil War Southerners used to serve it to slaves, unaware that it was the most nutritious part of the dish. Renowned...

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Lessons in Defensive Driving

I’m a bad driver. It took me three times to pass the driver’s test. On my first try, I ran through a flashing red light. The flashing befuddled me. If I was supposed to stop, shouldn’t it have stayed a steady red?    The second time I took the test was much worse. Let’s put it this way: If during your road test, the Jaws of Life are called, you’re probably not going to pass. The third time was a charm. I passed the test, a mercy passing, because I never mastered parallel parking. I hate parallel parking. It’s...

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