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Author: Dan Pearson

Best of Augusta 2018

It’s pretty special to know that the White House — well, the First Lady at least — evidently reads our magazine. We don’t even mind that she stole (OK, borrowed) the concept behind Best of Augusta for her “Be Best” campaign. All the winners who follow took her challenge to heart.     DINING Breakfast Let’s get this party started early — at sunrise, in fact. That may not be the time you like to eat breakfast best, but it’s definitely the place: Sunrise Grill, that is. And if you do happen to be a morning person, they open...

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Best of Augusta 2017

It’s our favorite issue of the year! Whether your new to Augusta or a long-time resident, the Best of Augusta has something for everyone. We invite you to discover the area’s top stores, restaurants, recreation spots and much more as chosen by you, our readers.     DINING Donuts Academic types endlessly debate the donuts versus doughnuts issue that is tearing our nation apart (not to mention chitlins vs chitterlings). Purists, meanwhile, simply walk in to Belair Donuts and place their order. It’s not complicated. Kim’s Donuts takes second; Krispy Kreme scores third.   Coffee Trying to function without...

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Stay Cool This Summer!

Remember when summer vacations seemed to last forever? They still do if you’re the entertainment director for a young whippersnapper or two. On one hand, they would be perfectly content to sleep till the vicinity of noon, eat a bag of Cheetos for breakfast and then spend the remainder of the day staring at their phones or playing video games. On the other hand, a summer agenda like that might sabotage your chances for Parent of the Year honors and down the road someday when you’re nominated to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, that could come back...

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The Making of a Greenway

ANDREW STRICKLAND has a tough job. He is the director of Columbia County’s planning services division, a post he’s held for nearly two years now. What is his job description? In short, “It’s looking 10 to 20 years down the road.” And there is no crystal ball in his office. I checked. Like we said, it’s a tough job. What makes it even worse? “I’m an impatient guy,” Strickland admits. Take the Euchee Creek Greenway project as a prime example. It could drive an impatient person to distraction. Although the original idea dates back to 2002, a quick check of...

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Columbia County’s Number One Showman

There’s an old joke that Augusta Amusements owner Mike Deas can definitely relate to: What’s the difference between a rock guitarist and a classical guitarist? One plays three chords for 30,000 people, the other plays 30,000 chords for three people. While he’s never staged an event with a turnout that small, Columbia County’s number one impresario aims for crowds a lot closer to three than 30,000. Bigger is not necessarily better for someone who has perfected the art of the intimate concert experience.  “My goal every year is to break even,” says Deas, who has been bringing quality acts...

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