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Author: Deb Barshafsky

Memories of the Table

Two years ago,  I delivered the keynote address at Augusta University’s freshman convocation, an annual gathering to formally welcome new students to the university. The academic theme the students selected for their first-year experience was Food for Thought, an exploration of the impact of food on society. As an alumna, a current member of the university family, a food writer with a degree in gastronomy and someone who wouldn’t require an honorarium, I suppose I seemed like a logical choice. I opened my talk thusly: “I was not raised by wolves. I was not a child star. My family...

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The Quest for Best

FOR THE PAST TWO DECADES, local seafood purveyor Crab King has held court at the intersection of Milledgeville and Olive roads on the inner fringe of South Augusta. One of their marketing strategies in the days of yore involved stationing a wizened old king on the well-traveled corner. He, like the crab on the wall behind him, was bedecked with a crown but also a full-length velvet robe trimmed in white faux fur. Day in and day out under the scorching Georgia sun, the King of Crab regally waved to his passing subjects, turning slightly to gesture at a sovereign...

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Google This

GOOGLE’S ANNUAL “Year in Search” retrospective reveals much about who we are as a global community. The tragedy in Paris, for example, generated more than 897 million searches across the world. What happened in Paris? Why did ISIS attack Paris? Is it safe to travel to Paris? How many people died in Paris?  The events that transpired in the City of Lights on November 13 broke our hearts. We donated funds to the Red Cross and local French charities. We opened our homes to French nationals stuck on American soil after borders were closed and flights canceled. We placed the...

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A Toast to the Season

Oglethorpe University in Atlanta is home to the Crypt of Civilization, the oldest and largest multimillennial time capsule in the world. Sealed on May 28, 1940, the capsule is not to be opened until May 28, 8113. “Until that time,” reads an elaborate plaque welded to the stainless steel door, “we beg of all persons that this door and the contents of the crypt within may remain inviolate.” The mastermind of the project was Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, then president of Oglethorpe. His intent was to preserve every salient feature of modern civilization or, in his words, “the state and...

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Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity

EVERY FEW WEEKS, I nimbly navigate my way through the myriad questions involved when ordering a sandwich at Subway. Twelve inch or six inch? Nine grain wheat, nine grain honey oat, Italian, Italian herbs and cheese, or flatbread? Heated? Cheese? What kind? Those are relatively easy, but then you have to race through the ingredient gauntlet…cucumbers, shredded lettuce, spinach, red onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, olives, pickles? And, finally, the home stretch—the condiments. Salt, pepper, oregano, chipotle southwest, light or regular mayo, sriracha mayo, mustard, ranch, oil, vinegar? According to Subway,  that’s a decision tree resulting...

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