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Author: Brian Panowich

Breaking the Skin

Welcome to the arts issue. I’m an artist and can speak on that a little, but sometimes during my travels, when I come up on younger folks out there in the world who remind me of the tornado idealist I used to be as an up-and-coming artistic human being, I know by the looks on their faces that they see some older fella, going gray around the edges, who has clearly grown detached from the current state of hip. Well, there may be some truth in that. I’m fully aware that I’ve aged out of shopping at Buckle. I’m...

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Fathers & Sons

When I was a newly minted teenager, I was fairly certain that my father was a lunatic. He was a baffling old man who said the craziest things, things that stressed the importance and sanctity of family. He’d say at the end of the day, a person’s family would be their greatest asset in life. Insane, right? I know. He also spouted off about how he longed to retire to the solitude of the mountains for him and my mother, and how Waylon Jennings was the greatest entertainer of all time. I groaned a lot as a kid riding...

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You Can Go Home Again After All

This month’s issue of the magazine is about homes and gardens—two things I don’t have a whole lot of experience with. So I’m going to take you in another direction as to what home means to me and talk about something I do have a little experience with—music. I’m a military brat and so the concept of home was really never something I could ever fully get my head around. Until my father retired from the Army here in Augusta when I was 12 years old, I didn’t really have a family home, or a room I grew up...

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“Here, There Be Lions.”

It’s April in Augusta and everyone who lives here knows what that means—the majestic gates of Augusta National open and our city welcomes people from all over the world to the Masters. It’s a big deal. And all of us locals are pretty proud of it. That being said, on a more personal level, this month also marks my one-year anniversary writing for Augusta magazine. April also marks the U.S. release of my second novel, Like Lions. So it’s a pretty amazing month and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate those two landmark events other than...

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Phoenix Rising

Settle in and let me paint a mental picture for you. A young man in his mid-30s, a man in the prime of his life, a man named Jeff Hadden, sits at a large table in a non-descript office building accompanied only by his lawyer. On the opposite side of the table is a corporate group of businessmen and their lawyers interested in buying Mr. Hadden’s family-owned printing business. The contract is on the table. The pen is in his hand. The offer is for more money than this small Augusta business owner has ever seen, much less been...

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