Spring has arrived in Augusta! If you had any doubt, the yellow pollen that has draped itself on every surface is sure to let you know. Here in our fair city, spring means only one thing to most residents – The Masters. Augustans, native or not, spend months getting ready for golf patrons to flock to the Garden City for their chance to set foot on the sacred grounds of Augusta National. I must admit, it is truly something special. A heavenly oasis lies just beyond the gates. The grass is greener, the colors of the flowers more brilliant, the staff is the most polite of any. The entire experience is first-class.

It’s not just the grounds of the National that are top class though. Augusta is a great city. I’ve heard the comments made about Washington Road and how “awful and dirty” it looks. Sure, not everything in our city is picture perfect. But I could argue that no city is. The one thing that does make Augusta unique, outside of the National, is our residents and their Southern hospitality.

I hope that if you’re here just for the Tournament, that you take a moment to experience Augusta. I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed.



Article appears in the April 2018 issue of Augusta Magazine.

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