pubnotes-080d91acYoung children are busy this month decorating cardboard mailboxes or Kraft paper mailbags in anticipation of special deliveries for Valentine’s Day. Even at a tender age, we learn the excitement in the possibility of receiving a Valentine card that might let us know we are a little more special to them than some other classmates. 

Love, in many forms, is an important driver in our lives from the very start. From the love God has for each of us, to the love that is showered upon us by our parents and siblings from the day we are born, its influence is early and significant. From grade school age, we encounter our first images
of romantic love, whether it is a Disney princess movie or watching our own parents’ interactions. Children, much to the delight and sometimes chagrin of their parents, love to model adult behavior. 

Once we finish with our childish ways, we move on to more serious commitments like marriage. What a glorious time in the life of a family! Weddings today come in all styles and sizes and the ceremonies and receptions that follow are often more personalized than ever before. We showcase a spectacular wedding in our annual Brides Guide in this issue starting after page 48. Throughout the book, you also will see a gallery of wedding portraits of brides and grooms who were married in 2014, further reflecting the variety of styles for ceremonies.

Once we are married, we know that after the wedding is when the real fun begins! Beginning on page 30, we profile four wonderful couples who have been married many years and share with us how they make it work each day and through the years.

The health of your heart is tied to our relationships as well as diet, exercise and heredity. February is Heart Month and a time to focus on how to keep this vital organ healthy for you and your family. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States and claims nearly 1 million men and women every year. Many area hospitals offer free or low cost screenings and educational events this month, which is a great opportunity for you and your family to learn more about heart health. 

We are proud to sponsor the American Heart Association’s annual Heart Ball in Augusta February 21 at the Marriott Augusta at the Convention Center. This is a splendid fundraiser; please make plans to attend.

As you celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, treasure your relationships with family and friends—it will help to keep your heart healthy and your life rich.

This article appears in the February/March 2015 issue of Augusta Magazine.