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Author: Sherry Foster

Seasons Greetings and Good Cheer

It can be a challenge to work on a holiday issue in October. Temperatures are often still  in the 90s, store  shelves are stacked with Halloween candy and we’re barely half-way through the college football schedule. So mustering up enthusiasm for Thanksgiving recipes  (much less a Christmas gift list) can be daunting.  This year though, things turned out a little differently. On the day before this issue went to press, the city awoke to temperatures in the low 40s—just the thing to inspire a holiday mood. So much so, I’m even planning to go home this evening, build a fire, pull out my cookbooks and start thinking about holiday menus.   Those who are reviewing this issue in its seasonally appropriate time are in for a treat: page after page of holiday ideas, recipes and events sure to make the season easier and brighter. First there’s a feature on the Augusta Players’ annual theatrical extravaganza A Christmas Carol: the Musical.  This heartwarming, beautifully executed production of Dickens’s classic tale has heralded the coming of Christmas for generations. Every school child in the CSRA has thrilled to the lessons learned by Ebenezer Scrooge of the true meaning of Christmas. If it’s not a tradition in your family, take an evening or afternoon off from the holiday frenzy to make it so. And while you’re planning spend a few minutes perusing our...

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All That Jazz

Putting out our August/September issue is a particularly exciting endeavor. It comes together in the sultry heat of summer but is the happy harbinger of cooler days and an impressive arts season to come. Speaking of excitement, photographing this year’s  cover with Wycliffe Gordon was a special thrill for me, a lifetime lover of jazz—literally. At an early age, I spent hours listening as my mother played selections from her well-worn 78 record collection of Big Band music. While her tastes ran more toward Benny Goodman than Duke Ellington, that music set the stage for a time in my early 20s when I was introduced to jazz of the bebop era by a close friend and former saxophone player. I was immediately enamored by the sounds of such greats of modern jazz as Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Gene Ammons, Coleman Hawkins and the list goes on. Even now you can drop by my house on any given weekend and find my playlist tuned to the distinctive sounds of that era.  So you can image my elation at meeting Wycliffe Gordon, a modern day jazzman and an icon in his own right. What’s more, he’s a native Augustan. After years of traveling the world, performing, teaching and acting as an ambassador of jazz, he’s turned his focus back to his hometown as the artist in residence at GRU-Augusta, working with...

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The Future Is Bright

One of the most fun and inspiring issues we publish is the June/July magazine in which we reveal the Top 10 in 10 Young Professionals To Watch for the year. This joint project between the magazine and the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce holds a good deal of suspense and strategic planning as we endeavor to keep the winners a secret until they are unveiled on the pages of this issue.     It’s interesting to look back over the past six years (this is our seventh) and see which segments of the community these young rising stars have represented. As you might imagine they have come from every facet of the community from healthcare to economic development to finance and law to arts and media. They are a reflection of the area’s continuing economic growth and the changing face of commerce in the CSRA.  Not surprisingly, this year’s group includes representatives from the city’s evolving IT sector. With the phasing in of Fort Gordon’s Cyber Center of Excellence, the support personnel, IT companies and ensuing 4,000 (by some predictions) skilled jobs it will bring are sure to have a positive lasting impact on the city’s economic and social future. As part of the Top 10 in 10 project, the Chamber honors the winners each year at their June member economic luncheon. The Chamber also nominates each winner for consideration...

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Wishing Upon a Garden

A beautiful yard has been an aspiration of mine since I moved into my house almost six years ago. It is also an aspiration that has gone unrealized. Just keeping encroaching Mother Nature at bay seems to occupy most of the time and energy I have to expend on that pursuit. Though I approach the mission each spring with a sense of rejuvenation, the daunting specter of weeds, poison ivy, sweet potato vine, pine straw and sweet gum sticker balls combine to bring me back to the reality of what’s involved in having a beautiful yard, let alone garden. And it’s also about this time every year that I toy with the idea of hiring a professional to help me wrestle it all into the landscape of my dreams. So far I’ve resisted.  That’s why a stroll through Crystal Eskola’s woodland garden (on page 38) is so humbling and inspirational. Through sheer will and passion she has  single-handedly transformed her third-acre corner lot into a woodland oasis for wildlife and people alike. It’s not intricately designed, pristinely manicured or obsessively tended. Rather it’s a delightful tangle of blooms, foliage and artistic ornamentation. There’s a fish pond and the beginnings of a bog garden—even a crop of cypress knees. Mulched pathways provide winding access to the botanical treasures that can be found at every turn.  As remarkable and delightful as...

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Couples, Brides and Debutantes

This issue has so many special features I don’t know where to begin. Our Valentine’s cover story is always a highlight of the February/March issue. Over the years we’ve featured dozens of amazing couples who’ve shared their poignant and entertaining stories about how they met and their secrets to a long and successful marriage. This issue is no exception as Lucy Adams has captured our four couples’ happily-ever-after stories beginning on page 30. As is fitting, this issue also unveils our annualBrides magazine, featuring a special wedding and photo gallery of area brides. This year’s wedding, that of Julie and Henrik Norlander, is of particular interest. If the names sound familiar, it’s because Henrik was a member of the Augusta State University golf team that won back-to-back national championships. Now on the PGA Tour path, Henrik met Augusta native Julie Anderson during Masters week several years ago while out with friends. After an extended long-distance relationship, the two were married this past October in a fairlytale wedding that celebrated the traditions of Henrik’s Swedish homeland. It’s a must read for future brides and golf enthusiasts alike. Perhaps the most special feature in this issue is “Around Town” on page 72 where we recognize the 50th anniversary of the Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion. Started in 1957 by Mrs. Joseph B Cumming, the Guild began as a select committee of Augusta...

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