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Author: Renee Williams

The Art Awards

Each year, the Greater Augusta Arts Council recognizes outstanding members of the Augusta community for their support and contributions to the arts. The Morris Museum of Art President’s Award Museum pioneer John Cotton Dana once wrote, “A good museum attracts, entertains, arouses curiosity, leads to questioning, and thus promotes learning.” By and large, founder of the Morris Museum of Art William S. Morris III has met Dana’s standards of establishing a good museum. Since first opening its doors to the public in 1992, the Morris Museum of Art has been an important contributor to the community’s cultural resources and...

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Short Takes: August/September 2017

Hot Print by Douglas Stutsman The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry Auburn vs. Georgia, by Douglas Stutsman, celebrates the rivalry between Auburn University and the University of Georgia. The rivalry began in 1892 and has been largely a competition more brotherly than bitter. Stutsman recounts the unforgettable games, moments and personalities on the 125th anniversary of a contest woven through three centuries of competition. Stutsman writes: “Through 120 contests, thousands of players have come and gone. Coaches have changed. Stadiums have expanded. Still, as the second week of November approaches each fall, one game is guaranteed. “The Deep South’s Oldest...

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Golden Years

Retirement. The reward for decades of hard work. A time of life when the demands of a career have lifted and you now have freedom in shifting priorities and making new choices. From spending more time with family, doing all the things on your bucket list that you always wanted to do or finding solitude in downsizing and simple living, retirement is the optimal time of life to make new choices. No alarm clock. No commute. No problem. Retirement is undoubtedly different for everyone.  Some retirees will continue to work and take on a new part time job while...

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