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Author: Layla Khoury-Hanold

Sustainable. Organic. Local. June/July 2016

The New York Butcher Shoppe 465 Highland Ave. • Surrey Center The New York Butcher Shoppe, which offers quality meats, gourmet prepared foods and specialty grocery items, was started 30 years ago in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., by a third-generation family of butchers from Brooklyn. Today it’s a popular franchise throughout the South. The Augusta Surrey Center location, owned and operated by Jack Deese, is the ninth franchise. After spending 16 years in food and beverage, doing everything from washing dishes to running kitchens from Portland to Manhattan, Deese decided he needed to finish his degree and “get a real...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. May 2016

Füse 1002 Broad St. • • (706) 305-1029 • Closed Tuesdays A GLANCE at Fuse’s menu and its varied global culinary influences might make it difficult to pinpoint what kind of restaurant it is. Just don’t call it fusion. Instead, think of it as a chef-driven restaurant, one that reflects and fuses chef Eric Draper’s 20-plus years’ experience—from California cuisine and upscale Italian to vegan eateries and a stint in Mexico—with a penchant for local ingredients and craft beer. The menu changes every few weeks, which allows chef Draper ample room for creative expression. One of the main attractions...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. April 2016

Bodega Ultima FOR HIS LATEST VENTURE, restaurateur Kevin Goldsmith (of TakoSushi) teamed up with his son Cary Goldsmith to dream up a concept with a more European feel. As their vision for Bodega Ultima developed, the father-son team reflected on their passion for and favorite aspects of travel, particularly to places like Spain and Italy. “Wandering around a city, getting a coffee in the morning, stopping for a snack, wandering a bit more before getting another snack…It might be 10:30 and time for a bottle of wine and the day goes from there,” Cary muses. υ Bodega Ultima captures that...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. February/March 2016

Abel Brown Southern Kitchen & Oyster Bar 491 Highland Ave. • Surrey Center • “I’m a minimalist by nature, so I wanted to do something clean and fresh. Something more modern but still casual enough that you can come anytime,” chef–owner Todd Schafer explains. In May 2014, he closed his fine dining establishment, Bistro 491, to make way for Abel Brown, an oyster bar and seafood restaurant that lent itself to that fresh, contemporary feel. Oyster bars aren’t a new concept, but a dedicated oyster bar was a new idea for the area. And oysters can be polarizing—they’re...

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Food Ventures

Where should we go out to eat tonight?” With the area’s bounty of restaurant openings, this question is starting to elicit a palpable excitement rather than a feeling of “the same old.” From a downtown hotspot to barbecue on the Hill to fine dining in North Augusta, this new crop of restaurateurs and chefs is setting the scene—and the table—for Augusta’s restaurant revolution. When restaurateur Mike Agostino, managing partner of Sole—a hybrid sushi bar-sports bar-contemporary American eatery—wanted to expand the concept outside of his hometown of Clemson, S.C., he cast a wide net and looked at such places as...

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