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Author: Layla Khoury-Hanold

Preserving Summer

The first time I tried my hand at preserving, it was at a pickling class in Brooklyn, N.Y. I’m aware of how hipster that statement sounds, but I haven’t forgotten that pickling, preserving, and fermenting are time-honored culinary traditions. Here in the South, it’s how people preserved the abundance of summer and fall harvests to survive the winter while adding variety and nutrition to their diets. These traditions were also a way of life for April McGreger, whose family canned tomatoes, turned peppers into pepper vinegar and jelly, and made fig, Muscadine grape, and pear preserves on their Mississippi...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. June/July 2017

EAT   After three summers living in the South I’m still not used to the heat, but I have learned that no matter how high the mercury rises, it’s always prime time for grilling. “I have always found that it brings people together,” shares Greig McCully, owner of Augusta’s Fireside Outdoor Kitchens & Grills, which sells everything from rubs and grills to custom outdoor kitchens. “You spend quality time and have real conversations while you’re cooking, in a way that you don’t just sitting down for a meal.” It’s a powerful reminder that often the meals we enjoy are...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. May 2017

EAT   John Beck’s path to the restaurant industry is a familiar one: he needed a job while he was in college, but then decided to stay. Fast-forward 35 years and he is on his sixth owned and operated restaurant. You’re probably familiar with Sheehan’s, the beloved Irish bar and neighborhood eatery, which Beck named after his wife Tricia’s maiden name (before they were even married, something they still laugh about today). Beck and Sheehan make a great team—he oversees the kitchens and operations and she manages everything from marketing to flowers—and they’ve applied that dynamic energy to their...

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Local Flavor

Augusta native Jeremy Miller is one of those people who just knew what he wanted to do in life. After graduating from Davidson Fine Arts in 2000, he set out to achieve his dream of becoming a chef. He got his start in local kitchens like French Market Grille, where he worked as a busboy and dishwasher before graduating to peeling shrimp and cooking hot appetizers. “The high stress and energy of that kitchen was something that captivated me,” Miller shares. He attended culinary school at The Art Institute of Atlanta, including a study abroad stint in Italy, and...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. April 2017

EAT   Successful restaurants are not created to satisfy a trend or to garner five-star ratings; often, they’re inspired by a chef’s need to satisfy their own desire. For Sean Wight, who also owns Frog Hollow Tavern and Craft & Vine, that meant a go-to spot for a burger and a beer. “I wanted someplace where I could get a consistently good burger and where I knew where all of the ingredients were coming from,” Wight says. “I decided that if I wanted that then Augusta probably wanted that too.” It turns out that Augusta did want that—and they...

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