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Author: Griffin Nelson

Sustainable. Organic. Local. October 2018

Photography by John Antaki   EAT Salad is so much more than a feeble mixture of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and dressing. Rather, salad is one of the most versatile dishes, whether you consider yourself a carnivore or a vegan. There are so many options for toppings, dressings, and proteins, with an endless variety of flavor combinations that can be created. Augusta’s newest and healthiest option, The Southern Salad, checks all the boxes for flavorful, creative, and satisfying bowls. If you think that one of the signature salads isn’t going to be filling enough, “Craft Your Own” salad and top...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. August/September 2018

Photography by John Antaki   SIP For Latasha Jones, going to culinary school was an easy decision. Not only had it been a dream, it was in her blood. She grew up cooking with her grandmother. As she sits across the table from me, telling me about her journey, I get more and more excited to try her lemonade as she’s clearly passionate about it and Tavaris, her husband, raves about how good it is. Lemonade has been around for millennia but has truly become a Southern staple as people are constantly trying to come up with ways to beat...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. June/July 2018

Photography by Jeannine Steinkuhl   SIP As the weather gets hotter the need to find ways to cool down becomes imperative, especially if you’re like me and you’d prefer to sit outside on the porch no matter what the temperature is outside. I tend to prefer my drinks dark and strong but when summer hits, a heavy drink just makes me feel, well, heavy. I was always a little wary of white wines until I asked the local experts for suggestions and, I must concede, they’ve got me converted. When asked which wines he thought would be popular this summer,...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. May 2018

Photography by John Antaki   SIP When mom and daughter team Heather Needles and Ali Kocher moved to the Evans area with their families a couple of years ago, they immediately saw a void that needed to be filled. They had been “uprooted” and missed the community that had existed in the coffeehouses of their hometown. An idea was born and, with the help of a few providentially placed artisans, Rooted Coffeehouse, located off William Few Parkway in Evans, came to life in late February of this year. It’s been a growing and learning process but the reception is...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. April 2018

Photography by John Antaki   “The history is palpable immediately upon stepping through the doorway into the welcoming arms of Hildebrandt’s, a family-friendly deli that has been around since the late 1800s. Luanne Hildebrandt shows me around and proudly tells story after story of her and her family’s experiences and I hang on every word. As part of the 4th generation of the German family that originally opened the grocery, she grew up cleaning the floors, taking orders, prepping meats for sandwiches, and doing odd jobs with her siblings and cousins. Over a century later the deli maintains a...

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