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Author: Griffin Nelson

Sustainable. Organic. Local. February/March 2019

Photograph by Jeannine Rae Steinkuhl   EAT – APizza di Napoli Of all of the food I’ve tried in all of the places I’ve lived and travelled, nothing beats an Italian pizza. It is the standard to aspire to reach, it is pizza perfection. And perfection is what Cliff Garzzillo, owner of Apizza di Napoli requires of his staff. This Aiken gem of a restaurant has earned them a spot in the Association Vera Pizza Napolitana, a designation only given to pizzerias that adhere to a strict code of ingredients and cooking stipulations. These requirements include importing high quality ingredients...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. January 2019

Photography by John Antaki   EAT The first Groucho’s Deli opened in the Little Five Points neighborhood in Columbia, S.C. in 1941 and was named after the owner – Harold “Groucho” Miller – who is said to have looked exactly like Groucho Marx. With a selection of creative dressing and sauce recipes he’d brought from Philadelphia and his background in the deli business, hot subs seemed like a logical next step. Soon it was a Columbia staple and over the years the menu expanded and so did the locations, becoming increasingly popular in the Carolinas. Downtown Augusta now boasts Georgia’s...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. Novmeber/December 2018

Photography by John Antaki   EAT In the full spirit of passion and collaboration, Cork and Flame is the River Region’s newest and most unique spot for fine dining, perfectly coming together under the guidance of Vineyard Wine Market’s Robert Strohl and Katerworks Chef Justin Hayes. Helping to fill the void in the Evans area, the menu pulls from many aspects of Hayes’s training and travels to create an international medley of flavor and style. After studying under award-winning and master chefs in the United States and Germany and apprenticing at French restaurants, Hayes was inspired to elevate French classics...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. October 2018

Photography by John Antaki   EAT Salad is so much more than a feeble mixture of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and dressing. Rather, salad is one of the most versatile dishes, whether you consider yourself a carnivore or a vegan. There are so many options for toppings, dressings, and proteins, with an endless variety of flavor combinations that can be created. Augusta’s newest and healthiest option, The Southern Salad, checks all the boxes for flavorful, creative, and satisfying bowls. If you think that one of the signature salads isn’t going to be filling enough, “Craft Your Own” salad and top...

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Sustainable. Organic. Local. August/September 2018

Photography by John Antaki   SIP For Latasha Jones, going to culinary school was an easy decision. Not only had it been a dream, it was in her blood. She grew up cooking with her grandmother. As she sits across the table from me, telling me about her journey, I get more and more excited to try her lemonade as she’s clearly passionate about it and Tavaris, her husband, raves about how good it is. Lemonade has been around for millennia but has truly become a Southern staple as people are constantly trying to come up with ways to beat...

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