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Author: Brian Panowich

Very Vera

Photo by Peter Frank Edwards   Vera Stewart has been in the public eye her entire life. Especially here in her hometown of Augusta, she is a well-loved and well-known entrepreneur with a career spanning all the way back to the early 80s. Her 30-plus years of work as a teacher, a baker, a retailer, a businesswoman, and most recently, a TV personality, havebeen written about and featured by everyone ranging from Southern Living Magazine to the Food Network. So for a Southern icon like Vera, who has lived most of her adult life in the spotlight, keeping a...

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A Tale of Tenacity

I met Kat McCall when a mutual friend of ours put us in touch about donating some of her time and artistic talent to a fundraiser I was organizing. I made the call and within the first five minutes of our conversation, Kat had not only agreed to help with a complete stranger’s vision but went above and beyond by turning my little fundraiser into a massive success that raised quite a bit of money for a local Augusta-based organization. Fast forward to a little over a year later. I received an invitation to write a story about a...

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