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Author: Brian Panowich

Bourbon Culture

“Imagine if you will, a picture…” – the silhouette of a tall, grizzled cowboy standing between the twin swinging doors of a saloon somewhere in the nameless West. The figure enters this “house of ill repute” and crosses the sawdust-covered floor toward the bar. The room falls silent. All eyes are on the faceless stranger with the well-worn Cattleman and full-length duster. Glass breaks somewhere in the distance, but nothing else can be heard except the jingle of silver spurs against the heels of the cowboy’s boots. The men seated at the bar scatter like sparrows from the trees...

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Real News

Armendy Faith Davis is a resident of Hart County, Ga., who happened to have a job in Anderson, S.C. Armendy made that commute all the time. It was a boring and uneventful stretch of blacktop that she’d grown accustomed to, so the rain coming down in sheets on the morning of March 6 was not a good enough reason for her to stay home and miss work. As Armendy crossed over Lake Hartwell, the rain caused her SUV to hydroplane. She lost control of the vehicle and slid across the two-lane highway. Her truck burst through the bridge’s guardrail...

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Beauty and the Beasts

I travel quite a bit and whenever people find out where I’m from, for the most part, I get the same reply. “Oh, Augusta. Home of The Masters.” And while they are quite right about that, I always want to sit them down and tell them exactly what else we are the home of—like the Augusta 70.3 Ironman for example. Back in 1978 the original Ironman triathlon was born. It was held in Kona, Hawaii and was a race conceived to be the ultimate test of physical stamina that combined three athletic disciplines—swimming, cycling, and running—in that order. The...

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The Fine Art of Marriage

Hey kids, let’s talk about marriage. And by kids, I mean full-fledged adults, because trying to discuss the complexities and subtle nuances about the institution of marriage with anyone under the age of 23 is akin to trying to swap recipes for rhubarb pie with a spider monkey. It’s just downright pointless. So all of you married types out there who have a few years of being in a sacred partnership under your belts, listen up, because you might find this helpful, or at the very least, mildly entertaining. The going consensus on successful marital advice—or at least the...

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Better Living Through Human Chemistry

Of all the comic book shops in Pensacola, the dingy, sprawling Future Visions was the one that best suited me. It was sandwiched between a row of dumpsters and a tattoo parlor on the east side of the panhandle and a rock’s throw from a great vintage record store. The shop was just the way I liked it—dusty and unorganized. It felt more like being at a rummage sale in someone’s garage than an actual business. The walls were covered floor to ceiling with obscure action figures still in their plastic clamshells with handwritten price tags asking for way...

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