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Author: Brian Panowich

Where The Locals Go

I spent most of my early adult life living off Greene Street in Olde Town, hopping from apartment to apartment made from the converted and beautiful old Southern homes just past 4th Street. I loved it there, especially the sense of community. And seeing that Broad Street was just two blocks over, I spent a lot of time there as a young man as well. I’ve seen Downtown Augusta grow over the past few decades from a few scatterings of bars, banks, and pawnshops into the thriving metro area it currently is — one that is on par with...

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Resolutions: They’re Not Just For New Year’s Anymore

My son turned nine years old this past November and so my family all went to the Columbia County Fair to celebrate. We had a great time. Toward the end of the evening, as the sun faded and the fairgrounds really came alive, I looked out at my wife and kids standing in the shadow of the towering Ferris Wheel behind them. My family is beautiful—every one of them—and seeing them there washed in neon light brought me back to another time and place. It made me think back about the man I used to be before they came...

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Hurricanes & In-Laws

Hurricanes and in-laws are two things that have absolutely nothing in common. At least on the surface they don’t. Some people may argue that those two things aren’t too far removed from each other if you measure them by the amount of havoc they can cause in your life. Hurricanes leave massive quantities of damage in their wake, and from what I’ve been told, or seen in movies and other forms of pop culture, so can your better half’s family. However, that isn’t the case with mine. I’ve carved out a pretty comfortable living for myself by writing about...

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Bourbon Culture

“Imagine if you will, a picture…” – the silhouette of a tall, grizzled cowboy standing between the twin swinging doors of a saloon somewhere in the nameless West. The figure enters this “house of ill repute” and crosses the sawdust-covered floor toward the bar. The room falls silent. All eyes are on the faceless stranger with the well-worn Cattleman and full-length duster. Glass breaks somewhere in the distance, but nothing else can be heard except the jingle of silver spurs against the heels of the cowboy’s boots. The men seated at the bar scatter like sparrows from the trees...

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Real News

Armendy Faith Davis is a resident of Hart County, Ga., who happened to have a job in Anderson, S.C. Armendy made that commute all the time. It was a boring and uneventful stretch of blacktop that she’d grown accustomed to, so the rain coming down in sheets on the morning of March 6 was not a good enough reason for her to stay home and miss work. As Armendy crossed over Lake Hartwell, the rain caused her SUV to hydroplane. She lost control of the vehicle and slid across the two-lane highway. Her truck burst through the bridge’s guardrail...

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