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Best of Augusta 2011 - Media

Best of Augusta 2011 - Media

It has been said the news begins with “Good evening,” followed by all the reasons it isn’t. Well, even if the news isn’t always good, readers say Brad Means is. Liz Hill wins second, Mary Morrison third.

Best TV Station
Voters anointed WJBF as winner—and that was before they vacated Television Park for their fancy new facilities in West Augusta. WRDW takes the Silver Emmy. Winning Augusta, Georgia’s Third (WAGT for short) goes to, uh… let’s see… it’s around here someplace…

TV Weather Personality
Readers say they’re blown away by George Myers. Not literally, of course. Well, sometimes. But it’s not his fault. Remember, he doesn’t cause the weather, he just reports it. And very well, apparently. Jay Jeffries and Jeff Rucker are the other members of the Top Three.

Sports Personality
Discounting the votes for Mike Tyson—quite a sports personality, you must admit—Chris Kane is the victor. Congratulations on the two-peat, Chris. Ashley “A.B.” Brown of WGAC scores next, followed by weekend sports anchor Merissa Lynn at WJBF.

Best TV Hair
Best radio hair would be Handsome Harley Drew, but that’s another story. Best TV Hair belongs to Liz Hill of WAGT. She’s wigging out, she’s so excited. WJBF’s Jennie Montgomery wins second; WRDW’s Lynnsey Gardner takes third.

Radio Station
Listen up, y’all. The winner: WGAC. Why? In these days of satellite radio they offer, along with syndicated talk, a hefty chunk of local programming you just can’t get anywhere else. Voters went with the music for second and third: Kicks99 and WBBQ.

Talk Radio
Speaking of talk radio, aren’t the golden pipes of Austin Rhodes in first? Think you could do his job? Try talking extemporaneously for 10 minutes straight in front of an audience and see how you do. Then multiply that times 18—and that’s just one day. We’re hoarse just thinking about it. Harley Drew and John Patrick complete the lineup of reader faves in second and third place respectively.

Radio Morning Show
From 6 to 9, Harley Drew and Mary Liz Nolan rule the a.m. airwaves on AM580, at least Monday through Friday. On Saturday mornings, John Patrick’s Augusta Golf Show takes over from ESPN radio, 1340AM. Let’s all gather round our Victrolas and give them a listen.

Best Local News Story
The biggest local news story was actually a national story: Augusta State University’s back-to-back national golf championship wins against massively larger schools. In a different era we would have called ASU the Tiger Woods of collegiate golf. The second-biggest local news story was actually a national story: ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Augusta and left a new home behind. In third—and you knew this was coming—“the antics of Richmond County commissioners.” What is that, a nine-peat? Ten?

Best Local Writer
Readers wrote, ranking Bill Kirby right royally on writer rolls. Their votes were on postcards mailed from all over, by the way. Investigative insider Sylvia Cooper is the number two ink slinger and celebrity know-it-all Don Rhodes gets third-best.

Best Part of Augusta Magazine
What will it be? The cover? All those useful and informative ads? The recipes? Yes. All those things. And in addition, “Around Town,” the feature starring you. We know how difficult it must have been to vote yourself into the top spot. The issue in your hands right now is next up, which we suppose makes it the Second-Best of Augusta Issue. In third: those dream homes we feature in every issue.

Best Facebook Page
You “like” The Augusta Chronicle. Like, cool. Way to keep your thumb on the pulse of the CSRA. It’s not unlike our esteemed readers to like Leadership Augusta only slightly less and Nicole McLeod’s Facebook page (she of the Morris Museum) gets the next-most face time with readers.

Best Person To Follow on Twitter
Follow The Chronicle’s Lindsay Thetford on Twitter and when she’s eating a king-sized Reese’s cup, you’ll know about it—in real time. What did people do before Twitter? In second, Barry Pascal’s dispatches from the wilds of Columbia County. Chris Gay tweets third.

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