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Best Shopping

Best of Augusta Shopping 2011

Men’s Clothes
Your top choice is Jos. A. Bank. You bank on Jos. A. We ran into Jos. just the other day and broke the good news personally. Macy’s and the Boardroom are your other faves.

Women’s Clothes
When you’re ready to go out on the town, you prefer to do so in offerings from Summerville Rags. We asked, you told. Thanks for sharing. Steinmart and Dillard’s also adorn many female forms in the CSRA.

Women’s Boutique
The name might be “Summerville Rags,” but with a victory as Best Boutique, these are anything but rags, ladies. But then, you knew that already. SoHo and Village take second and third.

Children’s Clothes
Part of the international conglomerate that also includes Posh Spice, Posh Tots is the place to start your little ones on a life of success. After all, clothes make the tot. Kid to Kid and Dillard’s repeat in second and third.

Women’s Shoes
Women’s Shoes is, we admit, a little wordy. Like we’re ever going to have a “Men’s Shoes” category. So in the shoes category, your number one choice is Shoes at Surrey. Shoe Studio stands alone on the silver medal platform. Bronze, on the other hand, is as snug as a new pair of stilettos: Dillard’s and Goody Two Shoes tie for third.

Looking for something to stylishly carry all your combs, credit cards, important papers, cell phone, extra pantyhose, pictures of the family and maybe a lead brick or two? Look no further than Shoe Studio, say your fellow totees. Shoes at Surrey comes in second this time, followed by Cudos! Flowers and Gifts.

If you’re in the market for, well, for anything, and you find yourself thinking, “This market is like, totally super,” then chances are you’re in a Publix. That’s the popular thinking. Only slightly less popular thinking is Fresh Market, followed by Kroger.

Organic Food
More food, less chemicals? Sounds like a plan. Execute the plan at Earth Fare, suggest your fellow Augustans. Plan B is a good one: Fresh Market. Plan C, also tasty: Publix.

Seafood Market
By definition, this category is for store-bought and home-prepared seafood. There’s not a menu or fishing pole in sight. And no worms. With those restrictions in place, the winner shakes out as Island Seafood. Fresh Market also goes deep and scores high. Kroger takes third.

Fresh Produce
Readers say if you want fresh produce, they produce fresh every Saturday at the Augusta Market at the River. For everyday goodness on the other six days, second place goes to Good Earth. Pearl Sydenstricker Buck would be proud. Fresh Market is good enough for third.

Nursery/Garden Center
Anyone up for a nursery rhyme? What rhymes with Bedford? Schmedford, of course. After Bedford Greenhouses, Green Thumb West follows in second. Sanderlin Green Houses wins the coveted runner-up.

What do you prefer, paper or digital? Either way, Barnes & Noble has more than two dozen letters in stock in literally millions of printed combinations. It’s amazing. Save a buck or two at your alternate choices: 2nd & Charles and GoodBooks Bookstore and Cafe.

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “There’s less happiness in receiving than its opposite.” Or “the opposite of receiving results in more happiness than its obverse.” Something like that. Which is a curiously long way to put it. The saying could be simply “Go to Cudos! Flowers and Gifts.” White Crane works too, say the ballots. The Swank Company also has cool stuff.

Christmas Decoration
People always say it’s a shame the Christmas spirit is only displayed at Christmas time. Well, with Cudos! Flowers and Gifts around there’s no excuse for not celebrating in October. Or July, for that matter. Ditto for the Christmas Tree Shops. They’re closed Christmas Day (and on Thanksgiving), but they celebrate the rest of the year. In third: Hobby Lobby.

Best Place To Shop for Husband/Boyfriend
Under slightly different circumstances would the winner have been Bass Pro Shop? The answer to that question is academic. Purely academic: Academy Sports takes the crown here. Rivers & Glen Trading Company in Surrey Center takes second place and Windsor Fine Jewelers in third has more guy gifts than you can shake a credit card at.

Best Place To Shop for Wife/Girlfriend
The couple that shops together stays together, said Freud. Or was it Dr. Phil? Maybe Oprah. Anyhoo, if you’re guy shopping at Windsor Fine Jewelers, you might as well go for the gold (and platinum) and shop there for her too. The ballots endorse that option. In second, try Cudos! Flowers and Gifts. Dillard’s hits the 3-spot.

Home Furnishings
Your smart phone is at least 3G, right? So why not make your home furnishings third-generation too? Weinberger’s Furniture and Mattress Showcase is their family business, and they can give your family the business too. (Not literally. You’ll have to start your own business.) Andrews Furniture Gallery occupies the first guest bedroom; Trends & Traditions is in the second.

In the market for some new antiques? Then oxymorons are clearly your thing. But there’s nothing moronic about your number one choice: Antique Market. Merry’s Trash & Treasures has antiques new and old—really—while Trends & Traditions adds another bronze medal to their mantel.

Fine Jewelry
When it comes to jewelry, there’s fine, finer and finest. According to the vox pop, they have fine jewelry at Jared Galleria of Jewelry in third place. You can tell by the name alone. Finer jewelry is on hand (get it?) at Surrey Center’s Estate Jewelry Center in second. But at the risk of sounding redundant, the finest fine jewelry is to be had at Windsor Fine Jewelers, reigning in first.

Costume Jewelry
Let’s say you’ve got a red carpet event on the same day your security detail has a furlough day. You want to leave the ice in the vault but still look swanky. Readers say get thee to the Swank Company. They will bedeck you with their most excellent Swank Swag. Cudos! Flowers and Gifts places in second in the voting. In third, check out HandPicked in Augusta Mall.

Best New Store
Your favorite new store is the Pandora Store at Augusta Mall. More is always more when it comes to jewelry, right ladies? In second, you can have shabby and chic at the same time at Uptown Cheapskate. HandPicked wins third.

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