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Best of Augusta 2011 - Entertainment

Best of Augusta 2011 - Entertainment

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Happy Hour
We always expect the winner to be “the one starting at 5 o’clock,” but the winner is Bistro 491. Makes sense, we suppose. 4:91 is almost 5:00. Stillwater Tap Room gets the silver, Wild Wing Café the bronze.

School Band
Jostens takes fourth place, but atop the heap down on the field it’s none other than the Lucy Laney High School band. Rivals Evans and Lakeside duke it out for second and third. Then Jostens. (Balfour in fifth.)

Singles Spot
The worst singles spot is the Discotheque. Or so we’ve been told. Bring fives. But the best singles spot is the Country Club. No word if readers mean Augusta or West Lake, though. Surrey Tavern is second-best for singles. Vue makes the top three.

Dance Spot
What’s your favorite dance? The limbo? Polka? The Watusi? Break dancing? Whatever it is, scoot over to the Country Club if you want to hit the number one dance floor. Makes sense. The place is like three acres. Sky City in second? Yes. Surrey Tavern is third in this line dance.

Late-Night Spot
Word is, Surrey Tavern is more than the best Late Night Spot. It’s also the best Early Morning Spot sometimes, too. You know, the wheeeee! hours. Helga’s is another fan favorite and so is the Bee’s Knees.

Live Music Club
Another victory in this category for the Country Club. Live music is for people. Dead music is for zombies. And another first runner-up for Sky City. Wild Wing and their monthly 28 days of music (except for months not ending in “February”) scores third.

Bar To Watch People
It’s all about watching people at Wild Wing Café. Readers say the viewing is excellent. Bring your camera, but please, no marshmallows. The Country Club and Cadillacs take second and third.

New Bar
Beer is beer, glasses are glasses. But there’s some indescribable something—or maybe two somethings—that makes readers elevate Tipsy McStumble’s to the top. Congratulations! Bottoms up! Little River Roadhouse wins runner-up.

Male Vocalist
It’s a little redundant to bring Patrick Blanchard Jr. up here on the medal stand and say “male vocalist.” But male models and male nurses have to put up with this all the time, too, Pat. Just roll with it. Ed Turner comes in Number 9. Oops. Make that number two. Shaun Piazza completes the bill.

Female Vocalist
You are into Tara Scheyer, but even though you are, there’s no “I” in Scheyer. Or in Eryn. Or in Devyne. In this economy we had
Congratulations to Tara in first place, and to Eryn Eubanks and Tutu Devyne in second and third respectively.

Visit Tara Scheyer's website.

R&B Band
Playback keeps coming back to these pages year after year. It’s that “play it again” theme in their very name. Tommy O.D. and the Survivors did more than just that; they won first runner-up. Ke-Ju (Kevin & Julia) take juke joints by storm for third.

Visit Playback's website.

When you want all that jazz, you choose Karen Gordon and the Garden City Jazz Band, or as we like to call them, K.G. and the G.C.J.B. Say it out loud. Go ahead, try it yourself. The Jazz Collective blows the silver flugelhorn and Not Gaddy Band gads about in third.

Visit Karen Gordon's website.

Country Band
The Jeremy Graham Band is no stranger to the victory lane in this category, even though we’re mixing metaphors to a degree by saying that. It’s not like the JGB is a NASCAR driver, after all. In second, a duel between Sibling Strings and The Wynns. May the best band win, er, come in second. Eryn Eubanks and the Family Fold all alone in third.

Rock Band
Another tie, this time for first place, and a battle royal of excellent bands—the celebrated Number 9 and the lesser-known but still superb Daddy Grace. Each band gets the etched Waterford Crystal trophy during alternating months. Radar Cinema is your second favorite and readers give John Kolbeck the bronze.

Visit Daddy Grace's website.

Visit Number 9's website.

The classic form of American music should be preserved and celebrated, and what better vessel for the job than mason jars? Hence your selection of the Mason Jars as your Best Bluegrass Band. The Henrys and Sibling Strings tangle in second and there’s Eryn Eubanks again in third.

Christian Band
This time Eryn Eubanks goes for the gold and gets it. We’re sure she’ll share it with the entire Family Fold. Big-time Nashville star Amy Grant got her start right here in the AUG and she’s scheduled to perform here in December. Check local listings. And 11th Hour wins third place, good for a 45-rpm recording contract.

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