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Best of Augusta Media

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Best of Augusta Media
WJBF's George Myers, Brad Means, Jennie Montgomery and Chris Kane • Photo By John Harping


TV Station
Remember olden times when there were only three stations? It has come full circle. We’ve got three finalists: WJBF (Channel 6) gets your endorsement for the top spot. WAGT (Channel 26) takes second place. And WRDW (Channel 12) gets third. Thank goodness we can surf all three without having to leave our recliners. How did we survive without remotes?

TV News Personality
The news is that Brad Means (WJBF) has a new nickname: The Anchor. Yes, the anchor, according to the ballots. No word on his pro wrestling career yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Liz Hill (WAGT) wins silver. (No news about her wrestling career either.) Richard Rogers (WRDW) scores third.

TV Sports Personality
Chris Kane is a good sport. So good, you say, that he’s your favorite sportscaster. Rah rah rah! WRDW’s Kevin Faigle finishes second in a two-man race.

TV Weather Personality
George Myers of WJBF gets to hold the coveted Umbrella One for the coming year. He gets to wear the silk sash too. And the tiara. Longtime weather colleague (albeit at WRDW), Bob Smith emerges from retirement as he often does, this time to accept The Silver Lining, symbolic of second place. That leaves Jeff Rucker to capably hold down the third and final spot.

Best TV Hair
What would Walter Cronkite say about this category? The same thing Brad Means does, which is: “Hey, no fair!” As a general rule, more hair than scalp should be visible to contend in this category. Take Jennie Montgomery (WJBF), for example. She’s obviously giving her best and it pays: She’s number one. In a fierce Battle of the Blondes, Barclay Bishop of WJBF takes second place and Paige Tucker of WAGT locks up third.

Local Radio Station
Not too long ago, WBBQ (104.3  FM) was the number one radio station in the nation. These days, they’re the first runner-up in Augusta radio. The golden microphones have been moved to WGAC (580 AM News Talk Radio), at least for the coming year. Third place, meanwhile, belongs to WAFJ (88.3 FM).

Talk Radio Personality
WGAC’s victory as Best Radio Station was your first clue and here are the rest: Tops in talk radio is the big mighty himself, Austin Rhodes, followed by Harley Drew and Mary Liz Nolan. Yes, it’s a clean sweep for WGAC. Congratulations!

Morning Radio Show
You get three guesses who won this one, and the first two don’t count. That’s correct: Harley Drew and Mary Liz Nolan take home this trophy too. John and Cleve hold down the 6 to 9 a.m. slot and WAFJ (88.3 FM) and they hold down second place too.

Local News Story
What was hot and what was not in the past year? The downtown baseball stadium controversy divided people like the Savannah divides the CSRA. You’re on one side or the other. The TEE Center took second and third went to those Harrisburg landlords, the ones who place ads like this one: “For rent, nuisance property, conv. access for suspicious comings and goings at all hours; spacious sidewalks for picketers and news crews; no yard work req.—or desired.”

There is a veritable plethora of area publications, which makes The Augusta Chronicle’s clean sweep an impressive one: Don Rhodes grabs the Quill of Quality for his writings. Bill Kirby and Sylvia Cooper take second and third honors. Write on!

Favorite Augusta Magazine Feature
You’re the star of our feature fave: “Around Town.” Hey, is that you? Buy five or six copies for your grandparents, workmates and neighbors. Second place goes to the other side of the camera. Your hats and ours are off to salute the artists behind the cameras. You’re actually reading third place: the annual Best of Augusta issue.

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