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First 5K

If you’d told me a year ago I was going to participate in a 5K race I would’ve burst out laughing. Though I have worked out off and on for the past six years or so, I only grudgingly engage in any sort of cardio. I know it’s good for me and I even feel better after spending a little time (emphasis on little) on the dreaded spin bike. But I still only do so after serious cajoling by Kath Engler, who has the dubious honor of directing the majority of my workout activity.

So when I first heard about the Color Run, which was co-sponsored by the Greater Augusta Sports Council and  the Westobou Festival this past October, I was intrigued by the photos of the colorful runners and the overall concept. But certainly not intrigued enough to consider signing up.
Of course, once word got out that the Color Run was coming to Augusta, the talk started in my workout group. In her famously enthusiastic way, Kath began lobbying for us to sign up. We would be a team, aptly named Kath’s Moaning Lisas. “And Shane is making us all T-shirts! It will be fun! We can go to lunch somewhere downtown afterward.”

With no small trepidation I acquiesced. After all it was for a good cause and nowhere on the Color Run web page did it say you had to actually run. In fact, they encouraged people to bring their babies.

As race day approached our band of whiners increased, a significant number of whom had never participated in a 5K. We were actually going to do this.

On race day thousands of energized people of every age, size and level of fitness ascended on downtown, dressed in clean white T-shirts. Our group met at a pre-arranged spot so we could “run” together. Serious runners were given first-start privileges, but the vast majority were there for the same thing we were—a brisk walk with friends to raise money for a worthy cause and get a little powdered paint on our T-shirts.

It was a blast. We all finished without incident and, no, I didn’t actually run. But it was a really fun way to spend a Saturday morning. And when the Color Run returns on October 4, I’ll do it again. And this time I’ll likely bring some first-timers along with me.

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