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Kim Beavers

Kim Beavers hosts Eating Well With Kim on WRDW and is a dietician at University Hospital.  Since she cooks as part of her job, the meals she serves at home to her husband and two children are varied, but always with an emphasis on delicious, healthy food.


Fast Food Indulgence: OK, so I have to go with McDonald’s french fries. I am, of course, very glad they are offering fruit now, but I buy and eat a lot of fruit. However, I do not make french fries at home (even if I did, they would not be as good as McDonald’s), so when I do go to McDonald’s I go specifically to get fries.


Three Things in Your Fridge Right Now: My fridge is always packed. I have a huge bunch of kale that I need to use. Tomorrow I will make it into a salad to go with chili. There are farm fresh eggs and some nice white wine a friend brought over.


Could Eat Every Day: Pasta with Parmesan or crusty Italian bread plus a sliced tart apple plus good cheddar.

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