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Got the Workout BLUES?

Pole Dancing
Thought Zumba was cutting edge? Think again. Pole-dancing workouts tone and strengthen the entire body—particularly your legs and rear—while inspiring your inner diva. Ladies-only classes are available at 5,6,7,8 Studios (4332 Wheeler Rd.) or co-ed workouts at Star Pole Fitness (102 Shartom Dr.).

Picture a ballet dancer’s body—lean and chiseled—and it’s no wonder barre workouts have become so popular. Classes focus on ballet training moves that use your own body weight for resistance, resulting in lean muscle and slimmer bodies. Check out Oxygen Fitness and Wellness Studio (Surrey Center).

Hot Yoga
Classic bikram “hot” yoga is a 90-minute session featuring 26 different postures and two breathing exercises. Add to that a room heated to 105 degrees and, according to practitioners, you reap detoxifying benefits too, along with deeper stretching, improved circulation and overall improved health. Available at Crossfit 4 Everyone (3475 Old Petersburg Rd.).

Want to start with a little less heat? Dancing Dogs Yoga (412-2 Vaughn Square, Vaughn Rd.) and Radiant Well-being (501 West Ave., North Augusta) offer the cardiovascular benefits of vinyasa yoga, which employs fast-paced, continuous movements, as well as its relaxation and strengthening aspects—in a room heated to 90 and 95 degrees, respectively.
You may have seen the CrossFit Games on ESPN—men and women completing brutal combinations of exercises, including rope climbing, pulling a weighted sled, tossing a medicine ball, lifting and carrying enormous weights and completing handstand pushups, over and over again. The fun and challenging workouts are available here too at gyms like Crossfit 4 Everyone, Quantum Academy (4408 Evans to Locks Rd., #G) and CSRA CrossFit (4282 Belair Frontage Rd., Unit #7).

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