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Julia Jackson

Steve Bracci

Charlotte, N.C., native Julia Jackson, programs and marketing director for Historic Augusta Inc., has lived in Augusta for the past eight years. She, her husband Robert and their daughter live in their own newly historic home in Vineland. When she’s not writing grant applications and coordinating fundraisers to save old buildings, she’s perfecting her baking skills and reading and lecturing about antique pottery and porcelain.

The best advice anyone ever given me is…when public speaking, just remember that your audience wants you to succeed. 

I’ve always wanted to visit…the Lobmeyr glass factory in Vienna, Austria.

My biggest guilty pleasure is…ice cream.

When I want to de-stress I…bake. My little girl joins me and we have a lot of fun together in the kitchen. 

What I remember most vividly about my childhood is…eating around the dinner table, day in and day out. It was a nice way to grow up.
The thing I find most difficult to do is…keep my desk tidy. But I once saw an episode of CBS Sunday Morning that said the people with the messiest desks get the most done, so maybe I’m okay. 

If I could live for one month in any historic house it would be… Highclere Castle? Like the rest of the world I am, of course, swept up by Downton Abbey these days. 

I am inspired by…Beatrix Potter, Josiah Wedgwood and William Morris (the 19th-century British Arts and Crafts artist, not the Augusta newspapermen, though they are very nice and worthy of inspiration too). 

One thing most people don’t know about me is…I love dishes.

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